Extracts · Pause for thought.

I’ll be guided by you in sickness and in health

12th October 2016

You may think I’m crazy but every now and again I humour my tumours by talking to them. In a world where so much shite can define us, I often think wouldn’t it be so much easier if we all just got along – and this is precisely what I ask them. If I were your host and were to provide a home for you, would you play nice and could we both gain something positive out of this.

You see cancer doesn’t pick and choose nor does it discriminate and judge; the healthy from the unhealthy, the young from the old, the good from the evil, humans from animals- we are all biological beings (including cancer) and we all have a right to thrive, be hunter gatherers, to rule the world and compete for the things we want in this life.

I have accepted that this is very much a part of who I am now. Would it do any good to disregard it just because I am lucky enough not to ‘feel’ it, to ‘show’ it. We all have our personal battles we choose to hide or confront and get this, I’m not so special. Here, in mental health week, why is it that we embrace happy thoughts and push away negative. Why are we so hard on ourselves when we feel sad? Are we not allowed to? Sometimes we just need to be.

Wouldn’t it be easier if we all just got along, to co-exist? Where would you be when the negative forces didn’t exist to drive you, to push you, to be better, to be stronger? Where would you be when the positive forces didn’t exist to calm you, remind you, save you.

Embrace and acknowledge and don’t be too hard on yourself.


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