Extracts · Poem

Rolling with the Punches

The Sum of Cycles.

Round One.

In every stream

Laughing is two-fold.

Laugh of hearts,

Twisting joy, of cackles that turn your sides.

Laugh of heads,

Mind and subtleness, connects is every way

Churning poignant tides.

You put in the time

Time tides and fragile melancholy

Folded by the streams of laughter

Spits you out bundled, confused and high.

Apocalyptic thunderstorms

The end is nigh.

It’s ok to feel

The love between the lie

Step into its shoes

A little bit blue.

Run riot, run rouge, run to the sun

Apocalyptic calm resembles the eye

That shields the storm in this teacup.

But the streaming tea makes everything better

And weeping resembles the thunder.

I don’t speak in all your tones

But in every stream that downs your lows

Go with ‘the line’

Its ok, its fine.

Fears of this fall?

What this kaleidoscope recalls.

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